Government formation pact on the precariousness and law evasion in relation to interim workers

On 12 November 2019 PSOE and Unidas Podemos have reached a preliminary agreement to form a coalition government. Point number 1 of this pre-agreement includes as main line of action “To consolidate growth and creation of employment. To battle the precariousness of the labour market and to guarantee decent, stable and quality employment.” For this reason the collective of interim workers in Spain expect employment contracts for interim workers to be reviewed in light of recent judicial decisions.

It is also expected that Unidas Podemos attend to the commitments reached with interim workers’ platforms, their legislative initiatives in order to provide real stability to people who have suffered and are currently suffering abuse of temporality, in some cases for up to 35 years.

What Podemos agrees from now on in the governance pact with PSOE should be in accordance with their trajectory and the motto they have defended #whoeverishereremains (#losqueestansequedan)

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